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A wide variety of shoes from size / fr. 32 - 36, en. 1 - 2,5 /

Our shoe shop was opened in 2003. knowing that women\'s shoes size 35 / en. 2,5 / rarely, size 34 and under are almost impossible to find in ordinary shoe shops. Of course, this causes problem for "small-footed" women.

We can offer you only small size shoes from size 32-36 / en. 1 - 2,5 /.

Almost half of our products were made in Hungary , the rest in abroud / EU /. In our store we keep a large assortment of brands such as: ARA, Gabor, Josef Seibel comfortable shoes size 35 from Germany. Zurek, Eska, Regina, Filipczjyk, Zalbut made in Poland from size 33, and Gennia from Spain also from size 33.

All of our shoes are made of high quality leather.